Boobie Roulette Keyring

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يدورالقلبحوله،مثللعبةالروليتالصغيرة.  كماأنهيأتيبحلقةذهبيةومرفققفلبحيثيمكنتثبيتهبسهولةعلىأيحقيبةشفطأومحفظةأوسلسلةمفاتيحإلخ.


ماذايريدالطفل؟  9 منأصل10 مراتسيكونالرضاعةمنك!


اجعليهذهالسلسلةتذكيرًابأنلديكإجابةعلىالكثيرمنأسئلةالرضاعةالطبيعيةأمامكمباشرةً.  وأنالرضاعةالطبيعيةأكثربكثيرمنالتغذية.







This ‘Boobie Roulette‘ enamel keyring is 3

cm / 1 inch in diameter and comes in two variations: white and glitter. 

The heart spins around, like a little boobie roulette. It also comes with a gold ring and lobster clasp attachment so it can be easily fastened onto any pumping bag, purse, keychain etc.

What does baby want? 9 out of a 10 times it will be boobies! The Boo, Boo Boo, Milkies, Tatas, Milktastic Twins, or whatever you like to call your Marvellous Milk Makers!

Let this keyring be a playful reminder that you have the answer to so many of your breastfeeding questions right in front of you. And that breastfeeding is so much more than nutrition.