Genie Breastshields [Pack of 2]

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The Pumpables Genie Breastshield makes it easy to swap your breastshield size without having to replace your entire breastshield kit. For use with the Genie connector.This product contains a set of 2 breastshield in your chosen size.


Compatible with the Genie Plus breast pump.

When used together with the Connector, the Genie breastshield set can be used with other breast pumps that use a backflow protector including Spectra.

How to pick the right flange size

If you experience any kind of pain when pumping, the wrong size shield is often the culprit. Women are not one size fits all, and it’s no different with breastshields! If you have no idea at all what size you are, then you can try to gauge the size by measuring your nipple circumference. Note – it is irrelevant what bra cup size you are – it is the width of your nipple when you are pumping that determines your flange size. Some women’s nipples change shape more than others do when pumping, so unfortunately the size of your nipples when not pumping is not always an indication of flange size.

Measuring your nipple

To measure your nipple, you need to measure straight across the widest part of the nipple (not including any areola). It is best to measure straight after breastfeeding or expressing. If measuring when your nipples are ‘at rest’, add an extra 2mm.

You can find the Pumpables nipple ruler here – Nipple Ruler link

We have  a Breastshield size guide blog post that will help you work out your best shield size.


All Pumpables parts in contact with your milk are free from BPA, phthalates and other nasties.