Pumpables Genie Duck Valves (pack of 4)

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High-quality replacement silicone duck valves to keep your pump’s suction working effectively. Can be used as an alternative to valve head and membrane sets.

A loss of suction when you’re pumping is the first sign that your valves need replacing. You should expect to replace your valves every 2-3 months if pumping regularly.

Each pack includes 4 valves, perfect for double pumping!

High-quality replacement silicone duck valves for use with your breast pump. These valves are compatible with the Pumpables Genie Breastshield. Also compatible with popular breast pump kits including Spectra and Medela, as well as our Pumpables Universal Breastshield. You can use these interchangeably with the valve head and membrane sets, depending on which type of valve you prefer.


All Pumpables parts in contact with your milk are free from BPA, phthalates and other nasties.