Milk making mama keyring

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ميداليةالمفاتيح3 سم.




يمكنأنتجلبالرضاعةالطبيعيةالكثيرمنالتحدياتوسيذكركهذاالمفتاحبأنكتقدميوتغذيطفلكبأفضلتغذيةممكنة.  أحسنتماما!


كماأنهاهديةمثاليةلكلأملتشجيعهاعلىالرضاعةالطبيعية.  أرسليهالأختكأوزميلتكأوصديقتكأوأحدأفرادأسرتكللاحتفالبإنجازهموإظهارالدعملمايقومونبه!








The keyring is 3 cm / 1.18 inches in size and comes with a gold ring attachment.

This gorgeous milk making mama hard enamel keyring is the perfect reminder for all breastfeeding and pumping mamas of how amazing you are doing.

Breastfeeding can bring a lot of challenges and this keyring will remind you that you are providing and nurturing your child with the best possible nutrition. Well done mama!

It is also the perfect present for a mama-to-be to encourage her to breastfeed. Gift it to your wife, sister, colleague, friend or family member to celebrate their achievement and to show support for what they are doing!

Well done to all milk making mamas!